Lunar New Year Holidays : February 3rd to February 13th 2016


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Upcoming Events

2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting (Saturday, 5th March, 2016)

Past Events

January, 2016    
  30th : Lunar New Year Fun Day
  22nd : Birthday Party
  22nd : English Rhyme Competition
Flower Pot Design Competition
As a companion project to the "One Person One Flower Scheme", we asked children and parents to jointly design and decorate a flower pot. The flowerpots were judged by students and teachers and assessed by their use of recycled materials, their creativity and their execution of the design. The votes were counted and a Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up were awarded in each grade level.
December 2015    
18th : Christmas Fun Day
16th : Christmas Carol
5th : Joint Parent-Child Orff Music Workshop
November 2015    
  2015-2016-Photo Shooting Competition
  Most Brilliant Smile Family  

K.1B Chung, Tsz Pok

K.2W Ng, Ting Hin

K.3S Swaminathan, Charithra

  The Funniest Family  

K.1Y Kaur, Ashmeet

K.2W Fontanilla, Ronel Rullan

K.3Y Pehalpreet, Singh

21st : The 2016 Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest
On the 21st of November our singing team, led by Ms. Chan, attended, “The Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest.” The team was also accompanied by Ms. Lam, Mr. Fung and Ms. Chui to the competition. The team sang the song, “Ding Dong Bell,” and wore cat costumes for their performance. To hear a popular animated version of the song you can click here: Our team placed first among 20 other Kindergartens in our district. This first place win means the team will continue to practice and compete on January, 23rd 2016, against all the winning teams from other districts.
14th : Joint Parent-Child School Picnic

Kam Tin was a lovely setting for this year’s barbeque and picnic; Mountains in the background and a sunny day to enjoy with friends. The day was warmer than expected, but it was so lovely and not a drop of rain. We were joined at the site by Spring View Kindergarten, another school from Delia.

The day started with warm up dancing and stretching, followed by some short fun games. After the games the children were given bubbles and kites. The highlights of the day were the DIY kite kits; many excellent creative designs were produced that day. Shortly after the games finished, our barbeque started, although many families brought their own food to picnic on the vast grassland.

The site provided many exciting activities for those who choose to explore the whole park: bicycle riding, animal feeding, organic farms, fishing, and crafts like window stickers and sand bottles. 3:30 came so quickly and we all slowly walked back to the parking lot, many children already sleeping in their parents arms, exhausted after the long day of fun. But the fun and excitement had not ended.

 The teachers had a bag full of toys and presents for the ride home, but as soon as they were given out, most children had a well-earned nap on the bus.

See you all at the picnic next year!

13th : Birthday Party
October 2015  
30th : Halloween Fun Day
Parents and children enjoyed the games and dressing up. Many parents dressed up, some even coordinated with their child to make a group costume. The attendance for the party set a new record.
Halloween Mask Design Competition
7th : Health Education Talk about washing hands (by Dettol)
September 2015  
25th : Mid-Autumn Festival Activity
15th : K.3 students visited Science Museum
11th : Birthday Party
5th : Primary One Admission Seminar
August 2015  
  13th / 18th : School Opening Day
8th : Orientation Day