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Parent-Child Storytelling Competition Result:



Parent-Child Storytelling Competition

April 25, 2015

On Saturday, Delia Meifoo Kindergarten will be hosting a Storytelling Contest. The students will be judged on their ability to tell a story with the help of their parents and family. I hope everyone has rehearsed their lines. Break a leg!



Healthy Fruit Week

April 27th-30th

From the 27th of April until the 30th of April is Healthy Fruit Week. Please pack a daily serving of fruit for your child or ward. Please remember to wash and cut the fruit to making eating easy.


Past Events

Apirl 2015  

  Graduating Class Disney Trip

Apirl 1st

Our graduating K3 classes, their homeroom teachers, subject teachers, and much loved aunty and administrator experienced Disney’s Creative Storytelling for a fun day of stories. We joined the unique learning opportunity through the Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.). As we know, Mickey Mouse’s Father, Walt Disney was an incredible storyteller, and the program leader shared some of his secrets with us: such as he importance of emotion to tell stories, and the importance of a beginning middle and end to a story. We also enjoyed VIP access to Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Pot and The Golden Mickeys, and were treated to a private room in the Explorer’s Club.



March 2015  

   67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

March 17th

On the tail of our 2nd runner up place in the English Singing Contest, we hurriedly put together a team of K2 and K3 students and started training. Our dedicated and talented Ms. Chan again led the students to practice daily. At the festival, we were the only school to sing in Cantonese, and we also played instruments to match the melody of the song. Our final certificate from the festival was a merit award of the grade B.




   Joint Parent Child Games Day

March 14th

Although Saturday was a dreary overcast day, the Delia Kindergarten Students and their parents did not mind; we were inside enjoying fun and exciting games. The day’s events consisted of challenging individual games that concluded a few weeks of semi-final competitions in our school, and mass games that put teams of students and parents into comical but difficult relay races. This year was the best attended event we have hosted in years. Thank you to all the parents and students for making it a safe and enjoyable day!

February 2015  

   Birthday Party

February 27th

My favorite tradition at Delia Kindergarten is the bimonthly birthday parties. It is so refreshing to see children come to school dressed in non-uniforms. Often children are dressed in casual play clothes which are so cute to see, but my favourite is to see our students dressed in the traditional dress of their home countries. Birthday parties are always as fun for the teachers as for the students!



   Chinese New Year Fair

February 14th

Chinese and non-Chinese students and families all enjoyed the Chinese New Year. It is a time to eat, play games, makes crafts, win toys, take photos, hear stories, dance, play music, and visit with friends, teachers and family. New friendships are formed, and old friendships are strengthened. Happy New Year!

January 2015  

   Singing Contest 2015

January 31st

On 31 January 2015, our singing team, and their two coaches Ms. Chan, and Ms. Lam attended the, “2015 Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest Finals.” This was a return appearance from their first place win in October 2014. This time, they were competing against all of the first place winners from the districts of Hong Kong. The singers and their coaches proudly accepted their trophy for Second Runner-up against other amazing and talented students. The students were able to watch and appreciate many other presentations and learned a lot about performance through their observations.