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Upcoming Events

Christmas Fun Day (Wednesday, 20th December, 2017)

Christmas & New Year Holiday (22nd December, 2017 to 1st January, 2018)

Past Events

December, 2017  

2nd : School Picnic

School Picnic at 448 Organic Farm From our initial arrival at 448 Organic Farm, we knew we would have a good time. There was so much to see at the farm. It was a treat for all of our senses as we saw flowers, smelled the rich soil in the greenhouses, heard the goats and birds and felt the soft grass on our feet. Some people also made and tasted ice cream, and painted window jellies. We started the day with a few games to get everyone relaxed and by the time we had lunch everyone was lounging on picnic blankets, playing in the grass, or dancing on the stage. It was a real treat to enjoy so much time with our Delia students, their parents and brothers and sisters. I also want to say thank you to all the friendly and happy staff at 448 Organic farm for making a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. 

November, 2017  

K.3 Visit Mei Foo Post Office


JC-K2 Art Day


JC visit to Poly U


K.1 Visit Mei Ho House


October, 2017  

27th : World Cartoon and Comic Fiesta


World Cartoon and Comic Fiesta Game Design Competition


K.3 visit Science Museum


24th : JC Program outing-To be a junior masterchef

24th : English Rhyme Competition

24th : 2nd Birthday Party

4th : Mid-Autumn Festival

The children came to school with party bags and lanterns, ready for our Mid-Autumn Festival party. This year we surprised them with a new story that is unique to Hong Kong. The tradition of the fire dragon started about 100 years ago when the village of Tai Hang came into some bad luck. The kids listened to the story and then were asked to participate by making our fire dragon dance. The children also had a lantern parade and made playdough mooncakes in traditional wooden molds. These fun memories will stay with the children for years.

September, 2017  

15th : 1st Birthday Party


April, 2017  

K.2 & K.3 visit D Park

K.1 Jcokey Club Chinse Programme

K.1 visited Mei Foo MTR Station
10th : K.3 Graduation Trip at Disneyland Park
Our K3 classes joined the Disney Youth Education program at Disney to celebrate their graduation. This year, the kids learned about energy and how things move. It was nice to have an explanation about how the rides work and move. The kids were invited to design their own Disney attraction and they worked in a team to build a roller coaster. There were also many opportunities for photos and fun. It is nice for teachers to relax with the kids and get to know them a bit better. It was a very enjoyable day and luckily the rain held off for the entire day!
8th : Join Parent & Child Easter Games Day
Kindergarten Games Day took on a less competitive and more cooperative nature this year as it fell so close to Easter. The theme of Easter guided the development of the games and picks of music. The children and their parents hopped, slid, rolled and bounced to the music. The kids were as cute as bunnies and the parents were happy eggs at the games day. Thanks again for the overwhelming participation from each grade.
March, 2017  
  11th : Video Storytelling Competition Awards Ceremony
Saturday marked our second annual Video Story-telling Competition Award Ceremony. In addition to the awards, we also screened each video. As the entries started to pour in, we knew that the competition was going to be excellent. There were many high quality videos entered into the competition, and everyone worked so hard on their entries. The contestants and their families came into the school greeted by an Avenue of Stars. Every contestant who entered a video got a star because they are all stars to us. We also took glamour photos of the stars and their families. We hope you enjoy the photos, and look forward to seeing the videos in our next parent teacher interview waiting room!
February, 2017  
K.1 students visited Lai Chi Kok Park

Flower Pot Design Competition


January, 2017  
21st : Lunar New Year Fun Day
“Kung Hei Fat Choi!” Parents and the children of Delia Kindergarten celebrated Lunar New Year on Saturday, 21st January 2017. The event started off with grand opening of the Lion Dance symbolizing abundant prosperity for the New Year to all our spectators. We would like to thank Mr. Unrau, Miss Wendy and Mr. Yeung for their brilliant performance! Visitors poured into our vicinity thrilled at the welcoming decorations set before them at our school entrance. Much of the fun was yet to be discovered inside.

The Leaping Rooster (Hopsctotch), the Wishing Tree and the Lion Dance were one of many games enjoyed by our students and their parents. Mr. U brought the Lion Dance’s story to life, by enacting the features and the legend of the lion to a grand audience. The story room was always packed with people. Let’s not forget the Blessing food section where it was almost a full house throughout the timeline of the event. Delicate yet delicious Idlis (an Indian delight), sticky yet richly sweet Biko (a Philippine delight) and the crispy sugary Chinese maltose crackers were served. You would constantly see people coming back to the stalls for more! It was the best Chinese New Year Event yet!

We wish you peace, happiness, prosperity, and luck for the Year of the Rooster.
December, 2016    

21st Chirstmas Fun Day
Merry Christmas! To welcome the joyous holiday spirit, Delia Kindergarten students enjoyed the festivities of the season on 21st December, 2016. On behalf of Mr. Santa clause, Miss Elf (Santa’s Little Helper) distributed the gifts to our students. Mr. Santa also sent Mr. Patrick the magician to bedazzle the students with his magic tricks. It was a magical day indeed.

Christmas Ornament Design Competition
We would like to congratulate the winners of the Ornament Design Competition. We commend them for the hard work and dedication they put into making excellent Christmas masterpieces.
Joint Parent-Child Photo Taking Competition
November, 2016    

18th : English Rhyme Competition
The English Rhymes Competition was held on 18th November, 2016. Children sang their favorite nursery rhymes, some made use of props and others even played a musical instrument! We are proud of our students’ talents and congratulate our winners!

3rd : Health Talk about Home Safety organized by EMSD
October, 2016    


31st : Halloween Fun Day
Delia Kindergarten Students & Parents had loads of fun during the Halloween Party. Parents got creative with their costumes and made sure their children were looking their best for the celebration. They enjoy exciting Halloween games, exotic Halloween snack and had a trick or treat adventure around the school.


31st : Parent-Child Halloween Costumes and Make-up Contest
K.2 Theme Corner : Autum
September, 2016    
24th : Greening in Mei Foo
Delia Kindergarten is very proud to present two of our students: Choi Ho Chit K.2B Tse Wan Man K.3G for winning Merit Award in the preceding “Greening in Mei Foo” Colouring Competition held in September 2016.This contest not only benefits our winners with external experience, but it will also broaden their perspective in the opportunities yet to come. We would like to congratulate them once again for their accomplishment!
14th : Mid-Autumn Festival / Birthday Party
The Mid-Autumn Festival fun day was coupled with our bi-monthly birthday party to make an exciting and joyful day for everyone. The party started with a retelling of the Ho Yi story. After the story, some lucky students were picked to re-enact the story. Ten students dressed as suns, and Ho Yi used his magic arrows to shoot down 9 of the suns. The students reenacted the whole story, and the audience participated too. After the story, some students went to their classroom to make play dough mooncakes, some had their snack time festival fruit and cake, and some stayed in the main hall for a lantern party. The classes switched their activities and of course everyone got a birthday picture with their homeroom teacher. As always, it was nice to see the kids in casual clothing and some in traditional dress!
Joint Parent-Child Mid-Autumn Festival Design Competition





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