All students may change school winter uniform starting from Monday, 14th November, 2016. All students must put on full school winter uniform by Monday, 28th November, 2016. Winter uniform includes grey stockings and black shoes.

Provided that the uniform made is identical, there is no objection if parents make their own uniform for their children.

Applications for admissions are available here

Upcoming Events

Joint Parent-Child School Picnic (Saturday, 3rd December, 2016)


Past Events

November, 2016    
English Rhyme Competition
October, 2016    
Parent-Child Halloween Costumes and Make-up Contest
September, 2016    
Greening in Mei Foo
Delia Kindergarten is very proud to present two of our students: Choi Ho Chit K.2B Tse Wan Man K.3G for winning Merit Award in the preceding “Greening in Mei Foo” Colouring Competition held in September 2016.This contest not only benefits our winners with external experience, but it will also broaden their perspective in the opportunities yet to come. We would like to congratulate them once again for their accomplishment!
14th : Mid-Autumn Festival / Birthday Party
The Mid-Autumn Festival fun day was coupled with our bi-monthly birthday party to make an exciting and joyful day for everyone. The party started with a retelling of the Ho Yi story. After the story, some lucky students were picked to re-enact the story. Ten students dressed as suns, and Ho Yi used his magic arrows to shoot down 9 of the suns. The students reenacted the whole story, and the audience participated too. After the story, some students went to their classroom to make play dough mooncakes, some had their snack time festival fruit and cake, and some stayed in the main hall for a lantern party. The classes switched their activities and of course everyone got a birthday picture with their homeroom teacher. As always, it was nice to see the kids in casual clothing and some in traditional dress!
  Joint Parent-Child Mid-Autumn Festival Design Competition